A Piece of Los Angeles Janitorial Equipment that Rocks Under Pressure

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There is probably no other piece of janitorial equipment in Los Angeles with as much power and versatility as a pressure washer. Using the ideal combination of temperature controlled water and high pressure, there are very few stains this machine can’t clean.

Works almost everywhere
Whether these heavy-duty cleaners are used for sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, or even the exterior of buildings or houses, pressure washers can get the job done. It is important to note that different surfaces require levels of water pressure, i.e. settings for cleaning sidewalks cannot be used for cars. Likewise, temperature is a factor—hot steaming pressurized water may be good for oily and greasy surfaces, but not for the side of a building.

Pressure Washers Tips

The tough and hardened grout between tiles in the bathroom or kitchen are no match for a jet of hot water with a rotary brush or surface cleaner attachment for quicker results. If no attachment is to be used, water pressure should be adjusted and kept at a proper distance so as not to damage the grout or loosen the tiles.

Tight Spaces
Small or confined areas in factories, warehouses, and garages will benefit from the pressure washer’s ability to clean mud, dirt, dust, and even grease and oil. In addition to the high pressure cleaning, the steam it produces serves to sanitize/disinfect the environment.

Why hot pressure washing is effective
Adding hot water speeds up the job because the heat creates a fast abrasion effect and combines with the detergent to create an emulsion that removes dirt more effectively. The pressure of the water then loosens the residue and carries it away from the surface.

For sale or for rent
If you need a hot water pressure washer on a temporary or short-term basis, companies like Total Clean Equipment provide units for rent as long as you need it. Most companies allow you to rent the machines by the day, week, or, month, so time constraints are flexible. Special configurations such as a trailer-mounted pressure washer Los Angeles are also available for those remote outdoor applications.

(Article excerpt and image from “Pressure Washers Tips”, Lifetips.com)

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