Pressure Washer Safety Tips

Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Pressure washing is the way to go when it comes to cleaning the toughest grime, dirt and mud. Our pressure washers in the Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas are powerful, and they can also be dangerous if not used properly. Follow these tips to use your pressure washer safely:

Conduction a Pre-Use Inspection

Safety starts before you even begin your project. Check the cable for any nicks or nuts, make sure all connections are secure and look for any broken, loose or missing covers. Double-check the functioning of your safety mechanisms and inspect the unit for leaks on castings, hoses and fittings. If you notice any defects, don’t hesitate to contact us for pressure washer service.

Practice Proper Operation

Remember these dos and don’ts when operating your pressure washer:

Don’t start up your unit until you’ve confirmed that all quick connect hoses are in a locked position.

Do maintain a firm grip and footing to avoid injury from a kickback.

Don’t leave your system unattended when it is turned on.

Do familiarize yourself with operating controls, emergency shut-offs and the procedure for bleeding pressure quickly.

Don’t tie off or crimp hoses against sharp objects.

Do check that any electrical equipment nearby is de-energized before using your unit.

Don’t start operation too close to the area being cleaned to avoid flying particle risks and damages.

Understand Common Pressure Washer Hazards

Pressure washers are the perfect tool for cleaning heavy machinery and equipment efficiently and quickly, but they are not without hazards.

Chemical exposure is a real risk. Protect yourself while operating your unit by wearing the proper PPE. Keep in mind that if you are cleaning chemicals from industrial equipment, some remnants could splash back. Protect your eyes with googles throughout use.

Waterjets are incredibly powerful! The waterjets on your industrial pressure washer can easily slice through solids, including your own body. Again, proper PPE, like steel-toed boots, is essential. Anyone who operates your pressure washer should also receive proper training before operation.

Recoil is significant on pressure washers due to their high pressure. Use a strong grip and footing to make sure you don’t strain your muscles during use.

To learn more about our pressure washers in the Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix, contact the team at Total Clean today!

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