Hydro Tek SC35005VH

Hydro Tek SC Series Mobile Wash Skid

A high output hot mobile wash skid with serious cleaning power

The SC Series is a high output hot mobile wash skid with serious cleaning power. It was designed to withstand the daily use by professionals who rely on its dependability to make a living. Its high impact power enables it to handle just about any size cleaning task with ease and without the need for an outside power source. The SC Series is powered by industrial engines, hi torque–low RPM belt driven pumps and reliable 110v burner system with a 2.9Kw generator, providing power for running a water recycling system or other accessories. If portability is needed add a wheel kit or mount on a trailer, truck bed or tank skid.

Rugged “Pro-tect-it” Frame: Hydro Tek’s unique “Pro-tect-it” frame of 1¼”, heavy gauge stainless steel. Tie down brackets / 4-point lifting eyes as well as hose reel mounting holes incorporated into the frame.

Stainless Steel Panels: These rugged and durable panels offer lifetime corrosion resistance and protection of your valuable investment from the harshest environments. Keeps your machine looking like new for years to come.

SpiraLast™ Coil: The coil is a Hydro Tek manufactured SpiraLast™ heating coil. Robotically fused ½” schedule 80 steel pipe is cold rolled to protect the steel pipe from fatigue and the spiral coil is then surrounded by ceramic insulation and stainless enclosure with double-wall end caps which includes a Lifetime Coil Warranty.

Belt Drive or Direct Drive Pump: These industrial triplex, ceramic plunger pumps are run at lower RPM to give maximum efficiency and longevity outperforming the competition. Pumps are located front and center for easy access. Belt drive models have the EZ Align™ belt tensioning system to allow for easy, single bolt, belt tensioning adjustments.


Burst disc technology for operator safety

Adjustable temperature up to 250ºF with steam setting (SS30008HG is adjustable to 200º, no steam setting)

Heavy duty wand & gun with nozzle storage, 50’ high pressure hose and quick release nozzles

Slide out, snap lid battery box

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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