Floor scrubbers have become a godsend for those who need to clean large swaths of open floor space in a short amount of time. From warehouses in Phoenix to grocery stores in Los Angeles, a fully functional floor scrubber can save you valuable time you can spend on other important cleaning and maintenance tasks. Our floor scrubber service in Los Angeles can help!

What do you do when your floor scrubber isn’t performing at its peak? The key here is spotting the warning signs early. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid accidentally damaging your flooring or even further damaging your equipment. If you notice any of these signs when using your floor scrubber, contact our floor scrubber service in Los Angeles today to schedule service. 

My water or cleaning solution is leaking. 

If you use your floor scrubber as soon as you fill it with water and cleaning solution, it can be difficult to spot leaks. However, try leaving your scrubber with some cleaning solution inside the tank alone for a few hours. If cleaning solution pools underneath, you have a leak. Another way to spot a leak would be if the amount of solution your load into the scrubber runs out before you finish cleaning. If this was never an issue before, a leak may be the culprit. Contact our floor scrubber service in Los Angeles for help diagnosing the issue.

Cleaning is taking too long. 

Over time, you should be able to reliably estimate how long it takes you to clean a certain area using your floor scrubber. Unfortunately, constant use may impact the efficiency of your equipment, which may increase the time it takes to clean your floors. Like a car and its fuel efficiency, a quick “tune up” may be able to help it get back on schedule. This is especially true if the increased cleaning time is a direct result of a faulty component.

My floor still looks dirty. 

If your floors still look dirty even if you’ve passed through an area several times, you may have a problem with the brush decks. When this happens, you risk damaging your flooring, especially more delicate surfaces such as hardwood courts and the like.

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