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Liberty SC60 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

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We love ride-on and walk-behind floor scrubbers. These machines increase productivity, facilitate faster dry times and use less water than other methods while still boosting cleaning efficiency. When your floor scrubber is working properly, there’s a lot to love, but what do you do if your machine isn’t performing at its peak?

Keep reading this troubleshooting guide to understand some common issues, and contact Total Clean for the best floor scrubber service in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego or Phoenix.

My floor scrubber is trailing water.

First, check your vacuum system. Is the motor on? How about the recovery tank drain hose — is the cap tight? Are the recovery tank lid and gasket sealing with the tank opening?

Your squeegee blades could be the issue. Do they need to be replaced or flipped? Check that the vacuum hose is properly connected to the squeegee, and adjust the squeegee angle on the floor if your blade deflection is uneven.

Trailing water can also be the result of too much solution being dispensed. Try reducing your flow setting if the speed is too slow for your solution level.

Finally, check the recovery tank — empty it and make sure the float is freely moving.

My floor scrubber just isn’t scrubbing well.

The first thing to check if you’re getting poor scrubbing results is the pad or brush. If it is worn, replace it and see if that does the trick.

Check that the solution filter is clean, and try increasing the amount of active chemical concentration or the amount of solution flow.

If you have a cylindrical floor scrubber and are experiencing uneven solution flow, check the water supply to the deck line and ensure that the deck holes are clean.

My floor scrubber won’t move.

The first step is to reset the safety switch. If that doesn’t do the trick, make sure you are properly positioned in the operator’s compartment and try restarting your unit after turning the key switch off to reset.

Is your battery dead? If so, check your operator’s manual before attempting to push the floor scrubber to another area. You may have to first disable the electromagnetic break.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t solve your issue, don’t hesitate to contact Total Clean for the best floor scrubber service in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego or Phoenix. Our team works hard to get your unit back to work as quickly as possible! Click here to schedule service.

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