Quality San Diego Floor Scrubber Selection

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San Diego Floor Scrubbers
San Diego Floor Scrubbers

Total Clean Equipment is offering an extensive San Diego floor scrubber selection for commercial and industrial use. Made with durable materials that are carefully assembled, the equipment can effectively handle the various cleaning needs and demands of clients.

Commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, and public areas invite heavy foot traffic on a daily basis, which opens the doors for dirt, stains, and other impurities that soil the floors. Although these can be addressed through manual cleaning, it may require extensive manpower and valuable time before ideal results can be achieved.

San Diego Floor Scrubber Selection for Large Areas

Total Clean Equipment offers rider scrubbers that are fit for large areas. The Advance SC8000™ rider scrubber features a wide cylindrical scrub deck that go alongside dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, enabling extensive coverage and exceptional sweeping and cleaning in a single pass. For tough operating environments and hard-to-reach areas, the Adgressor provides reliable cleaning and productivity with its large scrub decks, speed, and maneuverability.

San Diego Floor Scrubber Selection for Smaller Areas

For clients who have smaller areas to clean, the company also offers walk-behind floor scrubbers that are easy to operate and navigate. The Advance Warrior brings a combination of flexibility and control as it can get the job done in one passing with its interchangeable discs and cylindrical scrub decks. On the other hand, clients who require fast and efficient cleaning may opt for the Advance SC 750/800, which can manage 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing for high cleaning productivity.

With over four decades of combined cleaning experience with its parent company Haaker Equipment, Total Cleaning Equipment has mastered the ins and outs of commercial and industrial cleaning in Southern California. Whether clients are looking for a pressure washer, an industrial sweeper, or a parking lot sweeper in Los Angeles or nearby areas, they aim to provide the best possible solution for their needs.

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