Just Added! Used Floor Scrubber in Los Angeles: PowerBoss Scrubmaster B120 R

PowerBoss Scrubmaster B120 R

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Interested in purchasing a floor scrubber in Los Angeles but have limited funds? Our used equipment inventory is perfect for getting the cleaning power you need at prices you can afford!

One of our newly-added products is the PowerBoss Scrubmaster B120 R, designed to meet the highest cleaning demands. This floor scrubber for sale in Los Angeles increases performance and offers superior maneuverability, making it the ideal floor scrubber for a wide array of facilities. If you manage cleaning in a shopping center, train station, airport, production facility or other large, congested spaces, you’ll love this unit.

The unit’s 32-gallon solution tank capacity, standard 315 AH long runtime batteries and four different scrubbing platforms ensure fast and efficient cleaning of nearly any mid-size area.

Ergonomic Design

Each and every detail of this used floor scrubber for sale in Los Angeles has received an ergonomic design treatment. The Scrubmaster B 120 R is equipped with a vast array of practical features that allow for efficient working. Essentially, it is the perfect environment for any operator. The seat is comfortable and back-friendly, and all operating elements are arranged within easy reach of the operator.

Highly Flexible in Tight Spaces

When it comes to navigating tight spaces, nothing outperforms the Scrubmaster B 120 R. This floor scrubber handles corners and narrow corridors and aisles with ease. It can even make a complete U-turn in small areas thanks to its small turning radius and 90-degree steering angle.

Learn more about this used floor scrubber for sale in Los Angeles here, and please call us today at 909-598-2706 for pricing or to see the unit in person yourself.

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