Clarke CA30 20B


Fast, efficient floor scrubbing, simple operation

Keeping your floors sparkling clean doesn’t have to be a complicated hassle or a messy, mop-and-bucket chore. Featuring a 20-inch wide cleaning path and easy-to-use, fingertip controls, the Clarke CA30 20B Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber makes floor scrubbing simple, fast and affordable.

A long-lasting battery and onboard charger allow your staff to clean without having to look for the nearest wall outlet or charging station. So they can keep on cleaning until the job is done—5 times faster than mop-and-bucket systems.


20-inch cleaning path allows you to clean wide areas quickly

Easy-to-use controls provide intuitive operation

Long-lasting batteries and onboard charger extend cleaning range

Low-profile design accesses tight areas

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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