Advance Terra 28B


Superior Productivity for Hard and Soft Floors

The Terra® 28B walk-behind floor sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. With its 28” sweep path and specially designed main broom, you can clean up to 20,000 sq. ft. of carpet per hour (versus 8,000 sq. ft. per hour for a 28” vacuum). The Advance Terra 28B sweeper delivers superior efficiency and performance. Featuring All Surface, All Purpose sweeping technology, you can clean from one floor type to another without changing the broom. In most situations you won’t even have to adjust the broom height. With low sound levels and easy maneuverability, this is an ideal sweeping and vacuuming solution.


specially designed main broom Picks up everything from dust to litter

easy-to-use One-Touch™ operation, streamlined design and superior maneuverability

Clean during the day and meet green-cleaning noise standards

bagless design, durable polyester panel filter and the most aggressive filter shaker in its class

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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