Efficient and Reliable Janitorial Equipment Cuts Big Jobs Down to Size

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Big jobs require big solutions. Attack your janitorial jobs with equipment tailor-made for the job. Select equipment that can handle any job — big or small. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you know that the place has some of the most diverse cleaning challenges ever — sand, dirt, grease, salt, smoke, smog. Choose a company that can provide janitorial equipment for varied situations, including health facilities, airports, theaters, industrial facilities and more. Select a company that can handle it all, including providing solutions to use for all your cleaning needs.

Efficient and Reliable Janitorial Equipment Cuts Big Jobs Down to Size

An experienced company like Total Clean Equipment that has been in the business of providing janitorial equipment over a number of years will have the experience needed to provide you with guidance on what equipment will work best for the jobs you have to complete. Whether your jobs are office floors or back lots, selecting the right equipment—be it a trailer mounted pressure washer or a truck sweeper–is critical. Commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning operations will include industrial cleaning equipment like floor scrubbers, pressure washers, and more to take care of whatever surprises Mother Nature has in store.

To take advantage of features available in the equipment, your staff will need to be trained to utilize the systems effectively. Are they driven, pushed, or delivered via trailer? The customer support staff can train your staff and recommend cleaning solutions for all your janitorial needs and help build an adequate inventory so that you have supplies on hand for any job opportunities. Learn what solutions work best on the floors you have to clean, or what performs well in the most demanding environments. The local weather could dictate what would be most effective.

Use the Internet to find an experienced vendor of industrial cleaning equipment in your area. Set up a demonstration. Determine the best janitorial equipment to keep your customers satisfied and make them recommend your company to their friends.

Want to limit your initial outlay of funds? Look at reconditioned pressure washers, sweepers, and scrubbers. Many companies offer reliable, reconditioned equipment that will present you with more options for bidding on new projects and completing current projects in a timely manner.

A successful business is built through good customer service and completing jobs to the customer’s satisfaction. Using the right equipment will help you build a successful business with happy clients.


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