Floor Cleaning and COVID-19: Infection Control from the Ground Up

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The spread of COVID-19 around the world has highlighted the importance of cleaning on both a personal and professional level. We are all washing and sanitizing our hands more often, and professionally, contract cleaners and facility managers are under enormous pressure to keep spaces healthier than ever before. 

Floor cleaning has always been a critical part of infection control. While floors aren’t touched as frequently as surfaces like light switches or door handles, contaminants can easily transfer from floors to these objects. Contaminants are kicked into the air effortlessly by shoes, germs cling to equipment and carts traveling through facilities, and any item picked up off the floors of your facility can carry bacteria or viruses. 

So what’s the best way to clean hard surface floors? No matter your facility, the answer is an industrial floor scrubber. 

Floor Scrubbers Increase Hygiene and Safety 

Floor scrubbers deliver more hygienic cleaning than any other method. Mop water is contaminated the second time you dip your mop in the bucket. Each time you dip it again, more and more contaminants are added to the water. When you use a floor scrubber instead, the only thing you are putting on your floors is chemicals and clean water. 

Mopping also doesn’t actually remove contaminants. Instead, it just spreads them around your floors. Floor scrubbers, on the other hand, actually remove dirt and debris, meeting the highest standards for cleanliness. 

Scrubbers are also more efficient than mops. This is especially important now, when cleaning crews have more tasks than ever before as they battle the pandemic. Any time you can save cleaning your floors can be spent disinfecting other areas and doing more important tasks. 

Maximizing Performance and Hygiene

To get the best performance out of your floor scrubber, use a chemical-portioning system. Using too little chemical will make cleaning ineffective. Using too much wastes money and increases the risk of leaving residue behind on your floors. Using a chemical-portioning system helps your team use the proper amount every time. 

Keep your equipment dry and clean. Dirty equipment cannot clean floors. After use, thoroughly wash and dry all parts of your equipment, including the pads and brushes. Let them dry completely before using again. 

Our inventory of new and used floor scrubbers can maximize your cleaning and keep your facility safe and healthy throughout the pandemic and beyond. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your free demo. 

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