Hot Water Cleaning for Coronavirus

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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning teams across the country are being tasked with cleaning more surfaces in less time. Whether it is cleaning floors, sanitizing shopping carts or pressure washing heavy-duty equipment, hot water is one of the most effective tools in the fight against pathogens.

Better, Faster Results

Do you use cold water to wash your dishes at home? Not if you want to get the job done quickly and effectively!

Pressure washing and cleaning are the same — you’ll get faster, better results by using hot water in nearly any commercial or industrial application.

HydroTek, manufacturer of some of the world’s best pressure washers, has tested the difference between using hot and cold water to clean, and the results are astounding:

Hot water reduces cleaning times by an average of 40%.

In some cases, especially when cleaning oils, fats and greases, hot water cleaning is FOUR TIMES more efficient than cold water cleaning.

Just think for a second to imagine how much more efficient your cleaning team could be if they had 40% more time. Think about all the deep cleaning tasks that could be performed, or how much more frequently they could clean high-use spaces or equipment.

The time savings also mean you’re back in business faster after cleaning. Shopping carts can be in the aisles faster, and floors can be reopened in less time.

Reduced Viral and Bacterial Counts

Sanitizing is one of the keys to preventing coronavirus, but good sanitation depends on a surface being cleaned well first. If you don’t perform the cleaning step well, the sanitizing step won’t be as effective.

Cleaning with cold water has no impact on bacteria counts, but raising the temp of water used for cleaning to 140 degrees can cut the number of bacterial colonies by an incredible 90%.

At 176 degrees, you can see a reduction of bacterial colonies by 97%, and at 311 degrees, they can be eliminated entirely.

Heat has a similar effect on many viruses. While hot water alone isn’t enough for complete disinfection or sanitization, it can reduce the amount of viruses and bacteria on a surface to prep for the next step.

If you’re interested in learning more about our pressure washers for sale in Los Angeles and how they can reduce cleaning time and bacteria in your facility, contact the team at Total Clean today to schedule your free demo!

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