Los Angeles Janitorial Equipment Pros Answer 4 Pressure Washer FAQs

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Pressure washing or power washing is the method of using high pressure water to spray and clean surfaces. This type of cleaning is significantly more powerful than the pressure you see in a garden-variety hose. It can get rid of stubborn dirt, making concrete, wood, metal, and other hard surfaces look like new. Here are four frequently asked questions about pressure washers encountered by Los Angeles janitorial equipment suppliers.

Los Angeles Janitorial Equipment Pros Answer 4 Pressure Washer FAQs

Does using hot water pressure washer have different benefits than a cold water pressure washer?

When selecting a trailer mounted pressure washer or any other variety of the equipment, your application will play a key role in identifying whether you need a hot or cold pressure washer. Generally, cold water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt. However, if you are dealing with sludge, grease or oil, hot water pressure washers are the ones to use.

What is the difference between a domestic and industrial pressure washer?

When speaking of cleaning performance, there is very little to distinguish between domestic and industrial pressure washers. However, industrial units are built for heavy duty use. So if you plan to use a pressure washer for longer and more frequently, it’s best to go with the industrial variety.

Should I choose a direct or belt drive pressure washer?

Each choice has its pros, so it’s entirely up to you to weigh which type serves you best. A belt drive washer is ideal for cleaning applications of 20-plus hours a week. That’s because the belt drive allows the pump to spin at a lower RPM, which helps reduce heat and vibration. This in turn reduces the wear and tear in the pump’s cogs, leading to prolonged use and durability.

Any need for a pressure washer that calls for less than 20 hours a week of use can be handled sufficiently by a direct drive unit. Direct drive pressure washers are usually smaller, easier to transport, and more affordable than belt-driven ones.

Which is more important—PSI or GPM?

Pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) are both equally important when selecting a pressure washer to buy. PSI refers to machine pressure, while GPM refers to machine flow. You need to have the right ration of PSI and GPM to ensure efficient use of a pressure washing machine.

Consult with a Los Angeles cleaning equipment supplier such as Total Clean Equip to find the right pressure washing equipment for your needs.


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