Advance CS7010 Hybrid


Greener, Cleaner and Smarter

The innovative Advance CS7010 is the industry’s first hybrid and ePower™ battery drive combination sweeper-scrubber, reinventing an entire class of equipment and slashing your Total Cost of Ownership. Available in three models — LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and ePower Battery.

The CS7010 takes sustainable cleaning to the next level. You’ll reduce your cleaning time and costs from the benefits of dedicated dry sweeping and wet scrubbing in a single pass, and achieve up to 30% fuel savings from Hybrid technology. The CS7010’s low maintenance, leak-free Electric Drive Technology replaces inefficient, higher maintenance hydraulic systems.


up to 30% savings on water and detergent

the broadest range of machine power configurations in the industry

Complete dry sweeping system

Control airborne dust generated by the side brooms with optional DustGuard

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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