Find Out How Parking Lot Sweepers Can Help Improve Your Profit Margin

Madvac LR50E Parking Lot Sweeper

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A parking lot is an integral part of any business. As simple as it may look, a well-maintained parking lot can help increase employees’ satisfaction level and even set their mood for the rest of their working hours after they drive into their stall

A poorly managed parking lot, on the contrary, can cause accidents and become an unexpected money pit for your company. The difference between the two outcomes can depend on your ability to find a trusted parking lot sweeper. Following are some of the ways an effective sweeper can impact attitude and safety once drivers enter your parking lot.

Sweepers Will Sweep Faster

Sweeping a parking lot isn’t as simple as it sounds. Cleaning road debris, such as gravel, leaves, and dirt, is just a small portion of the task. A high-quality sweeper must clear the drainage system of dirt and sediments to prevent dirty water pooling on your lot. This may start flooding in extreme conditions.

Water is the worst enemy of parking lots, especially those overlaid with asphalt. Over time, asphalt that is continuously pooled with water becomes soft and weak, eventually breaking down. Breakdown can manifest in the form of cracks or potholes, both of which are equally dangerous. What’s even more dangerous is if the water manages to reach the sub-base portion of your company building, thereby creating leaks. Remember, a clean parking lot is not only more attractive but also safer for both pedestrians and motor vehicles.

Removing Stains

The most common stain in a parking lot’s asphalt is that from oil. Like water, oil can weaken the asphalt surface to the point of also creating cracks and holes. Professional parking lot sweepers keep many tricks up their sleeves to remove this type of stain without damaging the integrity of your parking lot.

Quality Checkup

Cracks and holes are not only a tripping hazard, but they can even cause car damage and accidents if they become wide or deep enough. Disruptive vegetation may also grow in small cracks, which could impair the integrity of your parking lot in the long term.

It is never cheap to fix cracks and holes in your parking lot. To avoid paying an immense amount of money to fix them, collaborate with trusted suppliers of parking lot sweepers to maintain the integrity of your parking lot and the attitude of your employees, which directly affects your company’s bottom line.

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